CATEGORY: Rhetoric

Debate 401

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Debate 401 

Instructor:  Mr. Eric Cummings 
Phone: 708-954-7121

Course Description

In a very real sense debate
studies are the culmination of the entire classical curriculum. They require
the student to integrate a broad base of knowledge, with logic processes and
rhetorical skills in such a manner as to defeat an opponent’s line of argumentation.
In Debate I students learn and practice the principles of formal debate using
Christy Farris’ excellent handbook, An “Introduction to Argumentation and Debate.”  The course requires the
purchase of the handbook and accompanying videos. The videos include a lecture
on the principles of debate and example of a live debate with critique.
Students are required to participate in an informal, keyboard debate on the
Academy Debate Forum early in the trimester before participating in a live
debate tournament via a debate club or organization in their own locale.  The supplementary text, “How to Argue and Win Every Time,” by Gerry Spence, adds an attorney’s perspective.

  • Tuition:            $275
  • Mode:              asynchronous
  • Offered:           Spring
  • Textbook:         See above